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Serviced Offices London UK

Flexible Serviced Offices in UK to Help Your Business Grow 

Be a part of London’s booming business community; rent world-class flexible offices in London and throughout the UK!  

LOX brings to you a comprehensive range of serviced offices in UK, based in award-winning commercial centres that will help your business grow at a rapid pace. Unlike conventional office spaces, a serviced office comes fully equipped with all necessary business facilities and is managed by an experienced service office operator. This modern approach helps eliminate the inconvenience and hefty expenses related to renting a traditional workspace. 

So you can get to work right from the moment you move in. No hassles; no huge establishment costs involved!   

Why Choose Serviced Offices in London?

A common question we often come across is “Why should I get a serviced office in the lease when I can rent a conventional office?” Find out why you should consider flexible offices in the UK. 

  • Set Up Quickly: Whether you are moving your office to a new location, starting up a new business or opening a new branch in London, it takes a lot of time and trouble to find a suitable space, furnish the office, set up a network and all other essential steps. Most businesses do not have the resources or stability to shut down their operations until they shift to a new location. Serviced offices are equipped with all key business amenities that let you move in and get to work at the earliest. 
  • Eliminate the Additional Cost of Conventional Office Space: The cost of running a traditional office space month-on-month may be lower, but it involves huge initial investments and other secondary expenses like cleaning, maintenance, furnishing, etc. A serviced office, on the other hand, is already fully-appointed with business facilities and is managed by a serviced office operator. This helps reduce your costs. 
  • Flexible: A big disadvantage of traditional office spaces is that these are available for a lease of a minimum three to five years. This can be inconvenient because you are left with limited choices as your business scales up or down. However, flexible offices in London often have month-on-month plans and you can easily add or curtail the services as required. 

If you are looking for best-quality serviced offices in UK, LOX is the right place to be. Choose from a great selection of properties while our local experts can help you make a wise decision. So begin your search today!