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Serviced offices 


A serviced office is an office fully equipped and managed by a serviced office operator, which is then rented out as individual offices or floors to other companies.  Serviced offices are also referred to as managed offices, business centres, executive centres.  Their turn-key approach removes any additional expense and inconvenience involved in leasing a conventional office space.  This enables your company to start working immediately on the day you move in.  These offices can also provide other workplace solutions such as hot desking, meeting rooms and shared offices accommodating for all company sizes.




A style of working that involves a shared workplace.  Unlike a typical office those co-working are not employed by the same company.  This style of working can be attractive to independent professionals who would otherwise work in isolation but appreciate the need shared values and are interested in the synergy and networking that can occur when working alongside others.


Hot desking


A system which involves multiple workers using a single work station during different time periods rather than each worker having their own personal desk space.  This form of working is appealing as it is cost effective through space saving.  Hot desking is particularly valuable in cities where office prices are high.


Managed space


No facilities available so take a vacant space – furnish it  and then an operator (landlord or facilities company) will manage the facilities such as cleaning, IT, reception services for you.    


Conventional office


An office space let directly from the landlord of the building with the internal space being yours to use as you wish (subject to landlord consent where appropriate).  Your company must manage and maintain all facilities, for example arranging space planning and fit out, I.T and telephone systems, furniture, cleaning, utility bills, service charges and rates. 


Virtual offices


Provides a professional address and sometimes communication services for a fee without providing a dedicated office space.  Different from office business centres which do provide a constant physical office space.  Virtual offices do offer space services including mailing address and business meeting space.  They can also offer a remote receptionist services and answering/voicemail services.


Disaster recovery


If your company suffers a major disruption which requires you to move out of your offices for a period we can provide you with alternative office space.  This facility will enable your company to keep all essential aspects of the business functioning during this period.


Spill over space 


Not enough workspace in your current office for your total workforce and finding that overcrowding is having a negative impact on staff performance.  We can offer space within one of our co-working or hot desking sites to alleviate this problem. If a larger space is required on a more permanent basis we can provide a fully Serviced Option.